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Crossdressing Sex

Jul 24, 2009
Crossdressing Sex

crossdressing sex

GaySissies is mostly a site for gays, and those that love the cross-dressing niche, but some straights might get a buzz from it too.

It has a truly wonderful variety of plotlines and fantasies and they all revolve around the fascination that some men have with dressing and being women.

Even before they put on their makeup, lacy panties and sexy women's clothes, the men or the site look effeminate, but after they've done all that, they look like beautiful women.

They don't do this for a hobby or for fun, but because they are women trapped in men's bodies and they don't just want to look like women, but they want to have cocks inside their asses and mouths too.

It is said that if an ass is properly fucked, that the resulting orgasm is as strong or even stronger than one achieved by pussy fucking, and the boys at GaySissies certainly enjoy being fucked.

The site is getting updated fast because it's receiving large bi-weekly updates, and there are no download limits or DRM. The quality of the videos is better than fine and they're in Divx format - 640x480; 2083k

GaySissies is hardcore and then some and you might want to keep the sound turned up when you watch the clips because some of them have some internal cum scenes, and when a guy shoots his load into a tight ass the change in sound is something to behold.

The price is right and the tour is fun, so go check it out now.

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Jul 6, 2009
Crossdressing videos

crossdressing videos

There are very few sites on the web that appeal to gays, straights and bisexuals, but I just found one that does just that, and it does it in a big way.

JackOffLingerie must be different if it appeals to all three lifestyles and it is. It's a cross dressing site that features men that could be construction workers, firemen, truck drivers or cops and they all get a kick, and some cock from cross-dressing.

If you're familiar with cross-dressing sites then you'll know that they normally have pretty young men that look like pretty girls even before they start the transformation.

The men at JackOffLingerie have to really make a serious transformation however and although many of them don't really look like women they try hard, and they look fantastic.

The macho men on the site get made up and then put on sexy looking lingerie that women would love to wear, after which they put on pantyhose, dresses skirts and blouses that are exquisite, and although they still look like men, they look magnificent!

The site has plenty of content and is getting regularly updated, and the reason that it's so popular amongst straights is that it's fun and interesting as well as being sexy.

The quality of the fully downloadable images and vids is great and the membership price is right where it should be, so go take a look at the tour which is very honest, and gives a very good idea of what members can expect inside.

Crossdressing Sex

Jul 2, 2009
Gay sissies

Gay sissies

The GaySissies site is packed full of high quality content of pretty young guys, that probably started wearing their sisters', and possibly their mothers' dresses, stockings and lingerie when they were still young kids.

The cross-dressers on the site are the real thing, and they aren't just pretending. They are women that are trapped in men's bodies and they want the same thing that every straight woman wants. They want to be held, to be made love to, and to suck cock.

The videos have nice plot-lines which is always a bonus, and watching the transformation from young man to young woman is fascinating.

The final result is a beautiful girl than most straight men would jump at the chance to have sex with, and there are videos showing exactly that.

It's said that the vast majority of cross-dressers are not homosexual but the ones at GaySissies definitely are, and the hardcore sex on the site is very graphic.

Many of the men on the site probably got teased when they were at high school, but they now seem well adjusted and at home with their sissified life style.

The site is updating twice a week and will likely appeal to straights as well as to gays because of the transformations scenes.

Watching the guys put on sexy lingerie, pantyhose, pretty dresses and then professionally apply makeup is at times almost mesmerizing.

The tour is an excellent and honest one, and it gives a real good idea of what's inside, so go check it out now.

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Jun 16, 2009
Free crossdress sex video clips

If you like cross-dressing sites then you should love BigDickGirls, and if you're not familiar with cross-dresser and transsexual sites, then you should check this one, because it will be a great introduction to the niche.

The young guys on the site are all women trapped in men's bodies and they want to look like women, suck cock like women, and get fucked like women.

Watching them put on their makeup, choose their clothes and then put on their pantyhose is a real delight, and however straight you think you are, you're likely to get aroused by watching the transformation.

Once the guys look like girls, they go out to pick up some unsuspecting horny guy that doesn't know that the pretty chick that he's just picked up, has a big throbbing dick that's likely to be deep inside his tight little ass before too long.

The site is hardcore in the extreme and much of the sucking and fucking is very graphic. The guys are young and horny and they're not pretending to enjoy the sex, they really love it.

The site is fast getting a great name for itself amongst fans of the cross-dresser and transsexual niches, because it has 100% exclusive content, and lots of it. The site is getting regular updates and the price is spot on, so go check out the tour now and get a real feel for what's on the site and have a lot of fun at the same time.


Jun 16, 2009
Crossdress movies

crossdress sex

If you like tranny sites, then you might want to take a look at LuciMay.

It's the official website of a self confessed English slut, who says that she loves inviting a few friends over for a bottle of wine, and then having a good shag.

Luci isn't beautiful and she isn't ugly, but she has a huge dick that one of her girlfriend's loves to perform some deep sucking on, and they all love to fuck hard, and to get a deep anal reaming.

The content on the site is extreme hardcore, and in addition to all the t-girl content that you'd expect, it also has a ton of very wild fetish content.

Upskirt, smoking, spanking, pantyhose, bondage, nylons, pinup and a lot of other very kinky stuff too.

The content at LuciMay's is high definition and very explicit, and at the time of writing there were over 15,000 pictures in more than 150 different picture sets, and over 15 hours of very raunchy videos.

The quality of the material is so good that when cum dribbles out of a mouth or ass you can see it glisten, and when a virgin ass gets fucked you can see it stretch, and almost feel the pleasure and pain.

The tour is excellent and so is the deal, so go take a look at the site now, and if you want to send Luci a message directly from the site you can. She says that she'll never reveal your secrets, but do you think can you trust a slut like her?

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Jun 16, 2009
Forced crossdressing stories

crossdressing pics

The majority of t-girl sites feature great looking chicks with dicks, and most cross-dresser sites feature pretty boys that look like girls.

StudsFun takes a different tack, and has horny young guys that like kinky sex and money, and enjoy having hard dicks rammed into their tight little asses and ever-ready mouths.

The site is hardcore and mostly features man on man threesomes, and the majority of the content is exclusive. Sailors that come off boats, horny guys who see what they think are chicks in mini-skirts in the street, and lonely men that find ads that promise hot sex in the personal columns are all easy prey. They all need to get laid and aren't going to stop somebody from sucking their cocks.

The videos can be streamed or downloaded directly to your hard drive, and there are no download limits or DRM. They're all around 10-15 minutes in length and are either Windows Media or DivX format, and they're available in 4-5 segments, or even more if you've got slow downloads.

The images are hi-res, and each set contains around forty five pictures, and you can downloaded them in zip format, or watch a hands-free slideshow.

StudsFun has plenty of content, and there are vids, pictures, live cams, and a forum and members get access to about a dozen bonus sites, DVDs, and hundreds of stories too.

The tour has several pages that will give you a real good idea of what members get, so get take a look at it now.


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Crossdressing Sex

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